A Father's Love
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A Father’s Love

A Father's Love by Terence A.

A Father’s Love

How can I not think about a day like this?
A day that is in fact,

In dedication to all Fathers; is to be honoured 

And reverenced.

Fathers are seldom honoured; however,

That isn’t the main thing to be written here.

Love of a father can seldom be taken for granted; especially

Not from a distant but then that of nearby

A father’s love is a bit incomprehensible

Yet it is that which makes love comprehensible

And it is that which is there.

Identify and grasp it with that humanly affection

A father is beyond its definition as given 

By dictionaries of whatsoever defines him.

What we may not know is that,

A father’s love does exist and given 

To us amidst his own uniqueness in the role 

Of a family;

And irrespective of the experiences one might 

Have had with a father in the past.

And in fact, still experiencing it in our 

Present day.

A father’s love is as unique as the title itself.

A love that is quite hidden in the open, yet

It is there. 

It manifests itself to its own kind most times.

A father’s love is as well nourished by

The togetherness of the family; himself,

The mother and that of their kids.

Never take for granted the love of a father.

The love of a father is quite different to that 

of a mother’s love.

A love that compliments that of the love that 

Exists and spreads among 

the mother and kids.

Let us embrace the love of our fathers at all times.

This poetical writing is dedicated to all fathers, who have shown to me a fatherly care since your encounter with me; most especially the father/friend of my own to whom I was brought forth to earth here ❤💖💕.

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