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In His Green Book: An anthological journey with Tolerantia, is a collection of nature/creation, non-fiction, adventure and philosophy poetry. The author in his works provides a preface to each of these poetical writings, divided into thematic, and often beguiling sections, such as "time, environment, inner self, life, friendship and adventure" that makes the reading instructional as it is inspirational and remind us how powerful poetry can touch our minds and hearts. o

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The shadow of life tells it all

At an instant where it becomes obvious

For the reality that exists and operates

In an observed form we see it to

Be like an indescribable life put before.

Then and there, moments of each

Life becomes a bit central and individualistic

Lest to think of this, a shadow

Supposes a figure of the real,

Supposes a representative figure of

That which is seen

Supposes a drawing of that which is not seen

Life then becomes the shadow of yet

Another world which we search for

The shadow of life brings to us that which

We often see.

We see not that of itself

Becomingly, the least is expected of

Humans grasp of knowledge about themselves

To that left to the world

Makes it quite another one!


Path taken along life choices

Is to move one step at a time

There is a time to develop

More of the journey of the

Heart; and well-articulated as

Life confronts it from afar

To love anew is not the journey

Of the heart and mind;

It’s that which involves

Taking time to learn, been patient

To life and renewing one’s journey


The possibility of bringing to known of

The true value of something is a

Different kind of trouble

It comes not as an ice-breaker

It does with the lips of untruthfulness

And to the surface of the earth,

There it floats openly

“Ice-berging” the truth that exist

Search and dig deep into that

Definition of truth, make it known

By first deciding on what truth is

To tell the truth; is to love the truth

And not by hiding the truth

Under the shadow of

Plenitude and half-told truths

Encouraging it is to stand

In heightened level

Of awareness of one’s

Own experiences no matter what

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